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“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
Paul Coello

We believe in offering you exceptional experiences. Why? Research has shown that spending money on experiences rather than ‘stuff’ introduces you to new worldly perspectives. Experiences define purpose and passions. Experiences cannot always be quantified; they may be challenging at times but they are memorable, meaningful and usually joyful. They often teach us life lessons.

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Below is a menu of experiences we would love to offer you.
There are many more of course so let us know which ones excite you the most and what others might be on your bucket list!


Liquid Giraffe, Wet Season Safari, Summer Wet Season Safari, Southern Africa Safari, Chobe National Park, Namib-Nauklaft

Travel Ideas: Summer Wet Season Safari in Southern Africa

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Exceptional birdwatching, bounding baby animals, prowling predators and beautiful green landscapes – these are what make a summer wet season safari a special holiday idea in Southern Africa. Between December…
Liquid Giraffe, Stargazing Experiences, Luxury African Safari, African Safari, Stargazing Safari

Stargazing Experiences on a Luxury African Safari

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Losing yourself in the vast night sky is an incredible and worthwhile experience that is part of any luxury African safari. So many of nature’s wonders become submerged in the…
Liquid Giraffe, Botswana Birding Safari, Birding Safari, Botswana Birding, Birding Destinations

Travel Ideas: Botswana Birding Safari

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An incredible array of plumage that colours the trees and riverbanks along with distinct calls resounding across the sky, remind you why Botswana is considered one of Southern Africa’s top…
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