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The Current Dry Cycle in Botswana

Botswana’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Okavango Delta, is a unique ecosystem that is ever changing, depending on the annual rains which fall at its source in the Angolan Highlands.  Every 10 years or so, there is a shift in rainfall patterns resulting in drier years than normal.

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Currently, the Okavango Delta is experiencing a severe drought with low water levels. We expect that the dry period will continue, possibly for some years. It is therefore important to know that mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) trips, motorised boat cruises and fishing activities are dependent on water levels and many lodges in the Okavango Delta are not able to offer these activities at present due to lower than average water levels .

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There are some areas where there are large permanent stretches of water so if being on the water is a highlight for you, please contact us for advice on where to go. The up side is, of course, that with drier conditions, game viewing in most areas is phenomenally good.

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