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Planet Baobab


A quad bike ride onto the vast salt pans of the Makgadikgadi with an overnight under the canopy of stars is one of the most exhilarating of Botswana experiences.  The endless horizons of the salt pans dazzle the senses. The edges of the Pans are filled with migrating zebra in the time just after the rains (the Pans are open from April to October). Set out from your camp (we recommend a 3 night stay Camp Kalahari or a 2 night stay at Planet Baobab for those on a tighter budget) onto the Makgadikgadi, taking in the landscapes of this desert region and then  push off from the shores of the shimmering salt pans by quad bike.

Your experience continues with a delicious barbecue dinner and a sleep put under the stars. The night skies over The Pans, devoid of light pollution, are so clear you feel you could reach out and touch the stars.  Wake up at first light in this surreal landscape, with the deafening silence around you, to a steaming mug of coffee before heading out to visit the habituated meerkat colonies on your way back to camp. First light is when the meerkats are awake before the heat of the day so this is the best time to be with them.

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