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Botswana’s New Live Webcam

By December 21, 2017October 30th, 2023No Comments
Chobe Live Webcam

Wildlife enthusiasts can now scout for wildlife along Botswana’s famous Chobe River from anywhere in the world.

Chobe Live Webcam


Chobe Game Lodge recently launched their live webcam so people from anywhere in the world can log in to watch what is happening at the Chobe River. Live wildlife sightings can now be viewed in real time, straight from computers or smartphones.

The camera is set up at the end of the Chobe Game Lodge Boardwalk which overlooks this incredibly productive floodplain inside Chobe National Park.

Chobe National Park is renowned for its large herds of elephants and Cape buffalo which often make their appearance on the webcam. Viewers have already enjoyed many sightings from elephants frolicking in the water to a thrilling lion kill!

Take a look for yourself


Why we love Chobe Game Lodge:

Chobe Game Lodge is an elegant, five-star safari lodge set on the banks of the famous Chobe River. It is also the only property located inside the world-renowned Chobe National Park.

There are 44 elegantly designed guest rooms with en-suite bathrooms and a large terrace facing the Chobe River. Those who wish to experience the ultimate luxury in Chobe can stay in one of the four suites, each with its own private terrace and infinity plunge pool.

Contact us to book your stay at this prestigious lodge.

Liquid Giraffe

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