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There are some elusive creatures which crop up on travellers’ bucket lists. We have eight on our list (and there are more):

The Pangolin

This rarely seen creature (guides working in camps for 20 or more years themselves have not had the privilege to sight a Pangolin) has been seen several times at Lebala Camp.

The Aardvark, the Honey Badger and the Porcupine

The desert regions in Botswana are the best places to see The Aardvaark, The Honey Badger and the Porcupine. Dinaka Camp and Haina Kalahari Lodge are 2 places where you might be lucky to see these secret creatures. We have also seen these largely nocturnal animals in the drier regions of Namibia.

The Mountain Gorilla

The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest area is your place to go to see the Mountain Gorilla. There are several habituated troops which can be seen on foot as part of a gorilla trek. Best place to stay is Mahogany Springs

The Red Tailed Monkey

Best seen in Uganda from Primate Lodge where you will also be able to track chimpanzees in their natural habitat

The Brown Hyena

Although a desert creature, a den has been found at Lagoon Camp and these beautiful creatures can also be seen in the winter sunshine at Little Kulala in Namibia.

The Grey Cheeked Mangabey

Semiliki Safari Lodge is where you can see this elusive primate. For us at Liquid Giraffe, Semiliki – tucked into the western corridor between Uganda and the DRC – is a wild and remote spot and probably one of the best places to see many endemic species of birds.

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