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What to bring

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The best advice in preparing for a trip to Botswana is to pack light. No one dresses up and lightweight clothing is best – and select natural fabrics and 100% cotton materials. It is also advisable to wear neutral tones for a safari (such as khaki and earth tones – bright colours and bright whites can attract insects and can also disturb game on game viewing excursions).
Here is a suggested packing list:


Your passport
Visas (if applicable)
Vaccination details
Insurance documents + medical insurance
Copies of prescribed medication (if applicable)
Driving licence (if hiring a car)
Credit cards
Travel money
Copies of itinerary
Camera with spare batteries and extra film
Mobile phone + phone charger (if you plan to bring a cell phone)
Travel adapters
A good sunhat that protects the neck as well as the face
If you wear glasses, an extra pair of reading glasses
A good pair of hard wearing, worn-in walking shoes
A pair of sandals/sneakers
A lightweight rain jacket (if you are travelling to Botswana in the wetter months)
A sweater/fleece top for cooler nights or a tracksuit
An anti-histamine cream for minor bites and scratches
Good sun cream protections and lip balm
Insect repellent
Plasters for blisters
A remedy for upset stomachs/diarrhoea
A general painkiller like paracetamol
A good flashlight fitted with new batteries + spare batteries
A swimming costume
Personal toiletries. It is useful to pack a non-perfumed deodorant as mosquitoes can be attracted to perfumed scents

Maps and guidebooks
Reading material for flights
Address book (for writing postcards home)
A water bottle
A Swiss army knife or Leatherman (but do pack these items into your check-in luggage, not your hand luggage)
If you are intending to join a camping safari, do contact us for packing suggestions.

(List provided by Frances Lockwood, UK)