Lamai Serengeti


Many guests venturing into Africa often have one or more of the cats – usually leopard – at the top of their bucket list. It’s no wonder as this majestic creature, often elusive, is best seen at dawn or dusk. Our best locations to experience this beautiful feline are Lebala Camp and either Okuti Camp or Camp Xakanaxa in the heart of Moremi Game Reserve. Lamai Serengeti in Tanzania’s northern Serengeti, built on top of a rocky hill, not only has superb vistas but is a wonderful leopard hideaway.

Cheetah usually prefer open savanna plains and like most cats, do not like water. So head down to Botswana’s Kalahari area to see these fast felines. Tarangire National Park (we love Kuro Tarangire) and the Northern Serengeti (the light mobile camp Serengeti Safari Camp) are two Tanzanian locations for regular cheetah encounters.

We are so fortunate in Botswana to have healthy populations of The African Wild Dog. Lagoon Camp in the Linyanti area of The Okavango Delta is a good spot to see these highly social creatures. There has been a pack denning there for some years – as well as at the sister Splash Camp in the heart of the Okavango Delta. Nyamatusi Camp, a brand new camp in a remote corner of Mana Pools in Zimbabwe is where you will also find active packs of African Wild dogs.

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